About Us

Welcome to Bedside Assist, a live-agent concierge and patient management agency operating on a HIPAA Compliant Cloud Communications Network to provide turnkey bedside assistance solutions to improve the patient experience across the continuum of care with quality, professional, and reliable services.

At Bedside Assist,  we believe in innovating to improve the patient experience and that every predicament has a solution – all we need to do is find it. If we can’t find it, we create it. Our commitment to elevate the patient experience led us to rethink convalescence, offering patients and families an array of bedside solutions designed to alleviate stress and allow families time to nurture quality interactions and focus on recovery.

Who We Are

As a former contractor for the Department of Veterans Affairs, Yoseph Mericah, our co-founder realized that countless patients and families struggled with bedside assistance coordination. As a solution, he and Dasha Emelianova, his fiancée, worked to establish Bedside Assist with its mission being: “Elevate the patient experience”. The two are committed to the care and comfort of their clients, and see non-medical concierge as a necessity, not a luxury.

Dasha Emelianova is a graduate of the University of Colorado and received a Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies and Political Science. As a nurse recruiter, Dasha enjoys helping candidates propel their careers and provide outstanding patient care.

As our Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Emelianova has discovered that entrepreneurship is where her true passion lies. Like the the saying, “Your dream job does not exist, you must create it.” Dasha boasts a can-do attitude to aide clients with their concierge needs.

Why BedsideAssist™

When hospitalization occurs, patients as well as their loved ones become restricted in many ways. The patients become dependent on their loved ones whereas family and friends have to drastically adjust their schedules to fit the needs of the convalescent.

Convalescence varies from one household to another, Bedside Assist offers bedside assistance solutions individually tailored to each client. Our coordinators are available around the clock to assist with any request submitted via our mobile app, text, email or call. BedsideAssist™ is smarter convalescence to elevate the patient experience.



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